Acts 8-9 / Hebrews 12:1-2 / Matthew 16:24-25 / 2 Corinthians 12:9

Discussion Questions:

  1. When you really think about how the largest trees in the world grow from something the size of a paper hole-punch cutout- what can we learn about how God designed us & His Good News?

  2. “Saul wasn’t trying to be a BAD guy by persecuting followers of Jesus- he was trying to be a really GOOD guy!” How is this thought both encouraging & terrifying?

  3. In what ways can you identify with Simon the Sorcerer’s actions in Acts 8:18-23?

  4. When you think about the logic behind marketing strategy & techniques, how is Jesus’ call for His disciples to pick up a cross in Matthew 16:24-25 both genius & insane? What can we learn from it for ourselves & as a church family?

  5. Process together how suffering becomes seeds for freedom, focus, fullness & favorable opportunities. How have or do you want to see this?

  6. What kind of “seeds” in your life right now have the potential to become “sequoias”?

  7. How do these concepts help you grow as a disciple who loves, loves people & serves the world (lives on mission) in everyday life?