Romans 15: 14-33



1. Imagine you’re in the Special Forces: You
    get handed a bunch of gear & dropped out of
    a helicopter. How important would it be to
    know what your mission was? 
2. What would the consequences be of not
    having a mission or knowing about it?
3. Would you say you have a life “mission”? 
    Why/why not? What would you say it is?
4. What could be or have been consequences
    of not know about or living by a mission?
5. Re-read Romans 15:14-33. How do you see
    Paul’s mission, motivation, means & method?
6. How does Paul’s life & teaching inform & 
    affect your life & understanding/developing/ 
    living by your mission?
7. How does your mission define how you
    see/use your finances, skills, leadership, 
    relationships, home, conflict, other?
8. How do these concepts help you grow as a
    disciple who loves God, loves people & serves
    the world?