Romans 9:30 - 10:21


Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you have any cool experiences of receiving a free gift from someone?

  2. Why does Israel continually struggle with the concept of Jesus being their Savior?

  3. How does legalism empty the grace from the Gospel?

  4. Have you seen people who God brought to faith even when they weren't seeking God?

  5. Are you naturally someone who needs to add zeal to your knowledge; or knowledge to you zeal?

  6. What are the two items of faith that Paul says we must confess and believe?

  7. How does confessing "Jesus as Lord" change your life when you become a Christian?

  8. Do you count it a privilege to be part of the way that God saves people? How does this motivate you to be a "herald" of the good news?

  9. How could you have "beautiful feet," sharing the good news this week?

  10. How do these concepts help you grow as a disciple who loves God, loves people and serves the world?