Romans 6:1-7:6   /   Deut. 15: 12-15   /   Jeremiah 34


Discussion Questions:

Q: Take a hard look and say, “Am I living a life where I’ve given my whole self to God?” If I’m, what is hindering that and what present sins or things from my past are hindering me from doing so? 

Q: Do you feel like you’ve been able to fully understand or experience God’s grace? What do you even think that means/look like?

Q: Is it weird to think of yourself as a slave to God? How does this example differ from your typical understanding of slavery? How does slavery to God compare to slavery to sin?

Q: How does understanding the cost difference between sin (death) and grace (free) help me grasp just how gracious God is to us?

Q: How does understanding slavery & freedom with and in Christ help me grow as a disciple who loves God, love people and serves the world?