Job 42:1-6 / Genesis 32:24-28 / Matthew 11:1-6 / Romans 10:17

Discussion Questions:

  1. Did you ever play-wrestle with your Dad? If so (or if not), what effect did that have on your relationship?

  2. If you could ask God one question right now, what would it be?

  3. What have you been taught throughout your life in regards to questioning God?

  4. Read Matthew 11:1-6. How else could Jesus have responded to such a blunt question from John? What does Jesus’ response reveal about Him?

  5. Read Romans 10:17. How does understanding the “hearing” through the courtroom perspective help you learn more about growing your “faith”?

  6. Do you think it’s possible to balance the view that God is in complete control… and that it’s OK to “wrestle/struggle with” and question Him? Why or why not? How does this affect how you view & develop your relationship with Him?

  7. How do these concepts help you grow as a disciple who loves God, loves people & serves the world?