Isaiah 29:13  /  1 Samuel 15:22  /  Colossians 3:12-17

1 Corinthians 10:31  /  Romans 12:1-2  /  John 4:21-24


Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever tried to follow directions on a project, only to have the end result not turn out? What went wrong?

  2. Why is the "heart" behind your actions so important? Have you ever done the "right" thing with the "wrong" motives? How did it turn out?

  3. Read Isaiah 29:13 & 1 Samuel 15:22. Have you ever felt like this describes you? Why/how?

  4. How have you been taught to view or experience worship? How have those principles been challenged by what we talked about today? How important is the fullness of understanding "worship"?

  5. Do a simple self-assessment: Do you see evidence of all 3 "legs" in your life? How much of your "faith" is rooted in or driven by duty/obligation & how much by worship/love? What effect has this had & where is it taking you? What could be different if you viewed all of your life as acts of "worship"?

  6. Why is developing healthy rhythms of gathering & scattering so vital to our faith?

  7. How can you answer God's call to grow both as a disciple & to grow disciples who love God, love people & serve the world?