Verses:   Mark 3:7 - 6:6a

Discussion Questions:

  1. What sort of family did you grow up in? What did it value? What were its goals?

  2. What are your goals for your family? How does/will it treat those outside your biological family unit?

  3. How do you normally treat people different from yourself? (especially those who have been "outcasted" by culture, society, religion, etc.)

  4. What examples of poor use of power, or of imitation "power" do you see around you in culture, religion, etc.? What are the effects/results?

  5. What would it look like to see "God's Kingdom" grow more & more in our world? In our lives?

  6. Why do you think Jesus' own hometown was so opposed to him?

  7. How do these passages help you grow as a disciple who loves God, loves people and serves the world?

Action Steps:

  1. List out goals for your family (current or possible future family). What sort of "family" & home do you hope to have? How are others included & treated? How can it be a place that reflects and carriers the love & power of Jesus in those around you?

  2. Share a meal with someone who is a part of your non-biological "family".