Mark 1:1-13  /  Isaiah 40:3  /  Matthew 3:1 - 4:11

Luke 3:1 - 4:13  /  John 1:1-28  /  John 3:22-36


Discussion Questions:

  1. What things have you felt you needed "saving" from, or currently need to be "saved" from?

  2. What kind of "Christs" (Saviors) have you looked to in your life? How did they work?

  3. Knowing the persecution the early Christians were experiencing, how do you think they felt about what Mark was writing to them?

  4. Compare/contrast the "Prepare the way..." from Isaiah 40:3 to how Mark uses it in Mark 1:3. 

  5. Have you been baptized? Why/why not? What meaning did it have for you? How does Mark's teachings on baptism compare to your understanding?

  6. If you haven't been baptized, would you ever consider it? Why/why not?

  7. Why is the "heaven being torn open" & Jesus being tested in the wilderness such a big deal?

  8. How does the idea of Jesus being God's incarnational presence and "Christ" in the brokenness & reality of creation help you grow as a disciple who loves God, loves people & serves the world?

Action Steps:

  1. Read along with our "THE CHRIST" reading plan!

  2. List out things you feel you need "saving from" right now.