Psalm 1  /  Psalm 78: 1-4  /  Psalm 73

John 14:6  /  Proverbs 4: 6-7  /  James 1:5


Discussion Questions:

  1. What sorts of "words of wisdom" have you received in your life? Have they helped?

  2. How important is passing lessons of from one generation to the next? How are we doing this today? How could we do this better?

  3. How much do you think about your "way" or the "path" of your life? If you were to describe yourself to someone, what would you say?

  4. Why do you think God uses the language of "path" & "way" in the Scriptures so much? What does this mean & why is it important?

  5. What are the strengths & weaknesses of contrasting the "righteous" with the "wicked"?

  6. How does wisdom literature point us towards the Good News of Jesus?

  7. How do words of wisdom help you grow as a disciple who loves God, loves people & serves the world?