Galatians 4: 8-20,   Acts 14,    Psalm 124,    1 Corinthians 8:3


Discussion Questions:

  1. Are you out of "the cage"? If you are, do you sometimes feel like you still are in the cage?

  2. What are some tendencies that you find yourself continually stuck in?

  3. What difference does it make for us not only "knowing God" but to be "known by God"?

  4. Have you ever had a "spiritual parent"? Is that something you would like in your life?

  5. Are there some situations in life in which things didn't go according to plan, but something better happened instead? Think God played a part in this?

  6. How do you think God's pains about us maturing in our walk w/ Him compare to the pains Paul expressed to the Galatians?