Bible Passages:

Galatians 3:15-25,     Romans 5:20,     Colossians 2:17,     Genesis 15


Discussion Questions:

  1. How did you view your teachers growing up? Did you like being taught or were you hard to teach? (or in other words: what kind of learner are you?)

  2. How do you handle it when people point out that you're wrong?

  3. Are you a "do it yourself" person? Where can this be a strength? A weakness?

  4. Have you ever tried to do/not do certain things to make yourself a "better person?" How did it work?

  5. How do you view "The Law" in the Bible? What role has it played in your faith & life?

  6. How do you respond to the "Legalism Litmus Test?":

    1. Impersonal Relationship with God
    2. Motivated by rewards & fear
    3. Constant Anxiety
    4. State of Bondage & Helplessness
  7. Why is The Law such a temporary, short-sighted thing? Why is it unable to bring genuine change & salvation?

  8. How does "The Law" point to Jesus in real & practical ways?

  9. How does "putting the Law in its place help you to grow as a disciple who loves God, love people & serves the world?