1 Peter 1:3-9   /   Luke 1:28, 43   /   Luke 2:10   /   James 1:2-4   /   Romans 15:13


Discussion Questions:

  1. What brings you happiness? What brings you joy? What's the difference?

  2. Why are happiness & joy so easily confused?

  3. Read 1 Peter 1:3-9. Why is the concept of "inheritance" so important to understanding Christian joy?

  4. How do/can we receive the inheritance that leads to joy?

  5. What things compete with that inheritance?

  6. This is personal: how "joyful" of a person are you? Why did you answer that way?

  7. What could help you discover & become more joyful this Christmas & how can you help others find joy as well?

  8. How do these passages help you grow as a disciple who loves God, loves people & serves the world?