Additional Passages: John 1:14,18;  Luke 10:22;  John 12:44-45;  John 14:6-9;  Philippians 2:2-11


Questions for Further Discussion:

  1. What comes to mind when I hear phrases like "last hour/days," "anti-christ" & "testing spirits/authorities?"
  2. How well do I know the basic and foundational Christian beliefs?
  3. How well can I identify teachings that contradict those beliefs? How do I normally engage with those contradictions?
  4. How well do I understand "incarnational theology"? (God becoming a man)
  5. What difference does it make to my understanding of God's love, and to the rest of my theology and daily life?
  6. How can I love someone in a very truthful way this week?
  7. How does testing the influences around me help me to "Grow disciples who love God, love people and serve the world"?