Additional Passages: Matthew 24:4, 5, 11, 24

For further Discussion:

  1. How am I sometimes like a Biblical "tourist?"
  2. How can I dig deeper into what was actually going on then and what that means for today?
  3. What types of influences do I have in my life?
  4. What effect do thy have on me and in what ways?
  5. What do I think of the statement: "Denial of Jesus' full DIETY denies His real POWER...and denial of Jesus' full INCARNATION denies His real LOVE."?
  6. How have I seen people "run ahead" of the Gospel and either add or take away from it? Have I done the same thing?
  7. What sort of influence am I on the people around me?
  8. What am I learning that can help me "Grow as a disciple wholoves God, loves people and serves the world"?