Additional Passages: 1 John 4:9-11, 19;  John 10:30, 15:12

For Further Discussion:

  1. Is it easy or hard for me to experience genuine love? Why?
  2. Is it easy or hard for me to express genuine love? Why?
  3. Why did John emphasize the merits of Jesus (water, blood, Spirit, Father) so strongly?
  4. How is my "vertical" relationship with God directly tied to my "horizontal" relationships with the people around me?
  5. How do I normally handle people who are hard for me to love?
  6. How does loving God and loving people "overcome the world"?
  7. Who is God calling me to specifically love this week? How can I love them?
  8. What am I learning that can help me "Grow as a disciple who loves God, loves people and serves the world?"