Video to playing part-way through the message:

Additional Scripture:

Luke 2: 8-20,     Matthew 2: 1-12,      1 John 4: 9-19


Discussion Questions:

  • What things or people have deeply influenced your life in a positive way?
  • How did you respond to these influences? What difference did they make?
  • How do you see God extending His love to you?
  • How do you respond to God's love? What can you learn from the loving responses of the shepherd and magi?
  • How does receiving and sharing God's love help us grow as disciples who love God, love people and serve the world?

Action Steps:

  1. Write down 3 "gifts" that you can give & dedicate to Jesus like the Magi did.

  2. Like the shepherds did: Tell one person about the goodness of Jesus.