Scripture Passages:

Isaiah 9:2-7,      1 Peter 2:21-24,      Romans 5:19


Further Discussion Questions:

  • What do I look forward to most during the Christmas season?
  • What do I dread the most?
  • What pressures do I face that wear me down?
  • What types of things do I place my hope in to help me?
  • How do God's words in Isaiah embolden me & give me hope?
  • How can the hope of Jesus be a "light" in my life & others'?
  • How does finding my hope in Jesus help me grow as a disciple of God?

Actions Steps

  1. Do a personal inventory on my Christmas giving: am I motivated by fear & obligation or by hope & freedom?
  2. Spend time talking with God about what it means for Him to bring the Light of Hope into my life in a real way.