missional community

What is a “Mission Community” (“MC”)?  We’ve been asked, “Is it a ‘small group / bible study’, or is it a ‘church’?”  Both and neither.  Both, because just like a bible study, we dig into the Bible and see if it makes sense right here and now.  And just like a “church”, it’s an open group where people can come and connect at any time.  Neither, because it’s not just about cramming Bible facts into our brains, and it’s not a “program” that you can just passively observe.

An MC is a place where our stories, the stories of the people around us and God’s story all collide in meaningful, messy and unexpected ways.  It’s about doing life together with people who come from a variety of life experiences and perspectives.  It’s about exploring what’s so good about the Good News for us and for this world.  It’s real.  It’s relational.

“Missional” also means “sent”, so the idea is to be a group that is “sent” into our places of work, play, and into the places where “real” people live.  One of our goals for our MC’s is for the group to find some common places where we can get our hands dirty and serve.

For us, an "MC" is simply a community living on mission together.

We share a meal at 6pm, then at 7pm we dig into the Bible and discussion.  Kids join in the meal with the adults, then head upstairs or downstairs based on their age.

*If you do have children, please RSVP with Nicole (801-828-8263) so we know how many children to plan for.